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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Digg Effect For 15 Minutes of Fame or More?

I've felt the DIGG Effect a couple of times. It felt good. But then I started wondering, how big is the Digg Effect? Can it be felt further than my favorite sites? Is there a ripple effect the transcends the webiverse?

To begin my journey, I had to find 3 little know websites that all got DIGG alumi status on the same day:


Then, I went to the Oracle. No, not the poor looser. The spiritual soothsayer in Sure enough, she tells me that,, and interestingwritings.blogspot did indeed get raptured on that day. But she wasn't clear enough to divine if their accension was permanet or if they were sent back to earth to work off more karma.


So we went deeper into the holy pages of but quickly found a gate keeper at page 92.


As hope was fading, we went back to our oracle with what little we had to offer. But to our surprise, it was enough. There is a clear maintained increase in daily reach after each digg effect.


Digg, bringing you more than your 15 minutes of fame.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Largest Digg Logo Found

Google Ranking Predicts Presidential Election Results

Google Ranking Predicts The Winner of every Major Election

Using Google Trends, It's simple to see who gets the greatest number of search results. As a general rule, you will only search for people you find interesting. I've never done a search for Pamela Anderson because I just don't like blonds. So my theory is that we only vote for people that we find interesting. I set out to test that theory.

Election for Governor of New York 2006

Election for Governor of California 2006

Election for President of USA 2004

Sure enough, the winner is always the guy with the most google search engine query rankings. So looks like Al Gore will win the 2008 Presidency from here:

Just out of curiousity:

YES! God will win the quest for world domination when ever he brings on armageddon... ummm except in Turkey. Somebody else has that electoral... ummm... dont quite know how to feel about that.

Gorgeous Photos of George Bush

DIGG IT! / Netscape IPTV Vote!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

How To Double Your Digg Diggs

If you are a Digger like me, You probably only submit stories from a couple of different industries. Chances are, you don't submit political, gaming, celebrity, and Apple stories with the same frequency. You are likely a specialist.

And logically, so are you Diggers / Navigators. If they dugg one of your stories, there's a high probability that they'd Digg other stories of yours too.

So here's the punch line, why link your "DIGG Link" to just one story? Do this instead... by, wimax. DIGG IT! or viral marketing navigators (u wanna put keywords in your link anchor text if you want google to display you under those search results)

Sleeziest Website On Earth. Adwords Needs Digg Down Button

Here's the Ad I clicked on based on it's outlandish claims. When I got to the site, It had a clean pretty look. But then, it asked me for my cell phone number.

Thats when I read the fine print. I'm going to bold the parts that really pissed me off:

Summary terms: By calculating your perfect match and by entering your personal PIN Code which will be sent to the mobile phone number supplied by you on this website, you acknowledge that you are subscribing to our weekly horoscope service and a monthly love calculation service. All plans are subject to the Terms and Conditions. You may stop this subscription service at any time by sending a text message with STOP, to short code 58560. Your phone must have text messaging capability. You must be the owner of this device and either be at least sixteen years old or have the permission of your parent or guardian. Love calculation and club joining fee are priced for a total of $9.99 and recurring each month with new calculation. The horoscope is charged at $5.99 and the same price each week from then on if you elect it on the next screen. Standard text messaging rates may apply. Information? 1800-235-7105. Please click here to see full Terms and Conditions.
Dear Google Adwords Team: You need a DIGG DOWN Button!


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