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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Gaming Google - Building a Site Just for Google

How To Build a Website For Outlandish Google Ranking and Traffic

As with any new business, you've gotta have a solid marketing strategy in place when you build a new website. There are ways to build a website that will put you light years ahead in your marketing goals. Then there are ways to build your website that give you no leg up or strategic advantage. We're here to talk about creating a webpage that is built ground up for minimal marketing labor and maximum viral and google traffic.

For the purposes of our DIY HowTo Show today, we started with a list of the 200 most popular keywords from behind a search engine (more on how we got this list later).

The seven most popular search engine keywords are in order: continued at

1. s e x
2. p o r n
3. p u s s y
4. g a m e s c h e a t
5. m y s p a c e
6. p l a y g a m e s
7. h e n t a i

Between the highest traffic industries, since we didn't want to get into an industry where everybody is naked, we decided to build a video game website. You can see above that gaming pales in traffic compared to the other industry but it's still the second biggest online market so we're diving in head first.

Now, within that industry, we build our new website with just one keyword search phrase in mind. So we're at another fork in the road. Will it be "games cheat" or "play games?"

Based on the traffic, "play games" is much more desireable. But just in case we missed something, we use google's own keyword suggestion tool:

As you can see Google gave us 3 other suggestions. And indeed, based solely on the "estimated clicks per day," "play games" looks much more appealing than "games cheat." In fact, games cheat is the least appealing of these uber high traffic keywords - until you look at the competition.

This is where you actually do a google search to see how many potential competitor websites are out there on the web. The tables have now turned. Less is better in this case:

For the sake of this How To, I'd much rather battle 900,000 websites than 17million. You can take on hundreds of millions of competitors in google if you wanted to but every million becomes exponentially more time consuming to climb.

But, just so that we're not walking away with out tail between our legs before the battle has even begun, lets see how tough the number one ranked players really are in each space. Who knows, the number one website in "play games" may be a push over compared to the number one site under "games cheat."

Google tells you that this site has a mediocre powerbase. Now lets delve under the hood of the number one player under "play games":

No lucky breaks here. definately has the cajones to sit on top of that mountain. So now we are back to the original fork in the road. Go for less traffic and quicker results or go with much more traffic and fight the heavy weights?

Fortunately for us, in this unique case, we can do both simultaneously. Since the two keywords in question share "games" in common, we are going to go for "play games cheat." The thinking behind this is that since Google ranks based on "link anchor text," we want every anchor pointing to our site to have these 3 words in it.

That brings us to the next question. How do we ensure that some random blogger will indeed use "play games cheat" in the a href tags? simple. We put the words in the actual url. Clever huh?

Before we go out and buy we took a look at our existing inventory of dot coms and asked friends if they already had any dotcom urls they weren't using. Why? Because Google loves one year or older domain names far more than new ones. This is called the Google SandBox Effect. More later.

Fortunately, we were offered a url that actually coincidentially has the word "play" already in it. It is also over a year old and best yet, it's got a medium high page rank right out of the gate. Couldn't have asked for anything more.

So in your case, if you have a domain name with some Google clout, you're better off using that with a forward slash than a new one. PS. subdomains are considered new domains by google so use a subdirectory. In our case, we are using,

OK, so we're on. Here's a real case study in the making. Check back over the next couple of months and take a look at our progress.


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