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Monday, November 27, 2006

Google Ranking Predicts Presidential Election Results

Google Ranking Predicts The Winner of every Major Election

Using Google Trends, It's simple to see who gets the greatest number of search results. As a general rule, you will only search for people you find interesting. I've never done a search for Pamela Anderson because I just don't like blonds. So my theory is that we only vote for people that we find interesting. I set out to test that theory.

Election for Governor of New York 2006

Election for Governor of California 2006

Election for President of USA 2004

Sure enough, the winner is always the guy with the most google search engine query rankings. So looks like Al Gore will win the 2008 Presidency from here:

Just out of curiousity:

YES! God will win the quest for world domination when ever he brings on armageddon... ummm except in Turkey. Somebody else has that electoral... ummm... dont quite know how to feel about that.


alex said...

Al gore also has a film that causes people to be curious about him without running for office, unlike the other examples.

Viral Marketing Army, Craigslist Myspace Alerts Watch said...

Alex, hi. yes. I'm sure that is the reason why his name is more popular but the why is not important here. Arnold won californias gov seat because he's a well known actor.

The key is that no matter why you're popular... the most popular win the elections.

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